Why Are My Emotions All Over the Place?

Natalie Hansen Counselling


“I’m crying at every little thing. Things that shouldn’t make me cry.”

Does this sound familiar?


“I’m having trouble with low mood”


“I want to be more in control of my emotions.”

If you have noticed a shift in your emotions and want to explore the reasons for this change come on in. You may have noticed you are getting stuck in a pattern of negative emotions and/or are getting blindsided with extreme emotions coming out of nowhere.

Emotions are like waves they will rise, peak, and then – if we let them – they will transform into a new feeling. Anger may rise, peak and transform into sadness, for example. Then the sadness may rise, peak and transform into gratefulness.

Using avoidance techniques like watching tv to manage emotions may produce a temporary “sorta-positive” numbing out feeling but- as you may have learned- your sleep still ends up interrupted and your mood worsens…

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