Six Tips to Harnessing Your Holiday Perfectionist

Natalie Hansen Counselling


At this time of year I hear from a lot of people trying to create the PERFECT holiday project.

At first it starts out well.

You’re crafting, perhaps with your kids, and it feels good. REALLY GOOD. Like caffeine surging through your body, giving you life.

And then inevitably SOMETHING HAPPENS. You know where this is going.

The handmade decorations aren’t quite right. The kids could be making them even cuter. We could be adding another layer of of glitter and shellac.

It’s becoming a seemingly-never-ending-striving-for-perfection kind of project.

Sound familiar?

At this point that surging feeling in the body starts to kick up a notch.  Like you are over caffeinated. You know what I’m talking about.

You start feeling antsy. Like you are at the edge of losing it. Your words take on a slight tone. The kids start giving you a wary look.

If you play the tape you can see what’s about…

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