Quality Clinical Counselling by a Caring Therapist

Are you experiencing feelings of anxiety?

Are you finding it difficult to get out of bed?

Are you getting stressed or irritable more easily than before?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions and are looking for effective tools to help you feel relief then you have come to the right therapist.

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It’s my goal to listen actively to your concern, teach you easy to use skills and tools to feel relief, develop insight and emotional awareness, and help you integrate past traumas.

If you would like a counsellor who goes above and beyond listening and makes sure you walk away with new tools from the start then you and I may be a good fit.

In addition to my focus on teaching and learning tools, clients also appreciate my realness, authenticity, and genuine warmth and caring.

I love my job. It’s a pleasure to see change in people.  I look forward to developing a healthy therapeutic relationship with you in order to move you towards your goals.

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I am skilled and experienced in helping you through issues such as: stress, anxiety, panic, difficulty getting out of bed, sleeping difficulties, past trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, relationship problems, family difficulties, parenting, grief, loneliness, and life transitions.

For people in relationships, I specialize in helping couples in which one or both partners have experienced high stress or a traumatic event. Learning how trauma affects people can help your partner support you in your treatment. Trauma is very effectively treated in a couples counselling format.

Afraid to bring a baby into the world given your troubled childhood? I am here to provide you with all the support and education you need to become the parent you want to be. I love helping pregnant couples and individuals prepare for transitioning to parenthood.

Interested in divorce-proofing your marriage? Call me to set up some sessions to ensure you are set up for success. Couples counselling is a very effective tool for distressed couples. When you see a relationship counsellor you can feel good about knowing you’ve done everything you can to improve your relationship.

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Everyone falls apart at times. You don’t have to be alone while going through this difficult time. I understand how hard it can be to call a counsellor. I create a safe space for everyone. Call for a free assessment of what is going on and take the first step towards feeling RELIEF.

“Rule #1 of life. Do what makes YOU happy.”– Unknown