Who I am


I love my work. I look forward to every client meeting.

As you search for a counsellor you might look for counsellors with similar or different values to you.

Here are my values:

Goodness. I believe we are all striving to do the best we can with what we were given.

Redemption. I believe we can all make up for mistakes and learn from them.

Connection. I believe being connected to others in itself is healing from many past hurts and traumas, and is protective against future threats like addiction and stress.

Equality. I am a feminist in that I believe in equal rights for people of all genders, races, sexual orientations and age.

Authenticity. I strive to be who I am and create a life I want to live. I would love to help you get your life in order so you can be who you really are.

Open-ness. I am a trained scientist in behavioural psychology. I used to be very academic and researched oriented. After meeting with hundreds of individuals and seeing how they live I have learned to value the cultural strengths we all bring to our health and happiness, whether researched or not. My clients have taught me a lot and I am always learning.

As a trauma counsellor, I get how hard life is. I recognize how you may have gotten past the abuse you suffered but suddenly, almost without warning, there it is, impacting you again. Developmental changes like births and deaths can trigger the coping skills we have learned to forget long ago.

Whatever your past you are welcome to come and work with me on your new goals. Some people have major trauma. Some people are just dealing with the ordinary and systemic stresses of work, job loss, relationships, parenting. All are very welcome.

I am married and will soon celebrate my 10th anniversary. I get the difficulties of marriage and have experienced the various stages of couplehood. I have reaped the benefits of couples counselling and understand how it feels to be a client in that situation.

I have two kids and am passionate about creating an environment in which we can be our best selves and do our best parenting.

I understand personally the common issues that arise in mixed culture marriages & families.

I strive to create a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle with lots of time for both family and professional nourishment.

I am honoured to be invited into your world and look forward to getting to know you.

Please book online if I feel like a good fit for you.