Can’t Stop Procrastinating?



Tax season is a good time to find ourselves wondering, “Why did I leave this so late?”

Do you find yourself thinking, “I’ve got lots of time to do this (project or assignment, etc)” and then suddenly it has crept up on you and you are in panic mode?

Now you’ve got double the work: getting through the anxiety and also getting the project done.

It isn’t fun. But you get through. And it’s done. Phew.

And then you realize there’s another project coming up somewhere on the horizon. That same, familiar thought comes up: “I’ve got plenty of time.”

And before you know it that time has quickly passed and you find yourself again in the same place: Anxious and having had little work or preparation done.

You frantically pull it all together again and get it done. You had a vacation planned at the end of all this and you go but spend most of it nursing a cold.

Is this cycle sounding familiar? Avoid, push through, get sick and start it all over again?

Yes, in the end you are able to get things accomplished (for the most part). But the cycle of putting it off and then frantically getting it done is beginning to wear on you. Your anxiety is up. Your health is down.

You’d like to be able to get through these projects with more poise. You’d like to feel balanced even up until the due date and feel healthy afterwards instead of completely wrecked.

We often think our procrastination means we are lazy. But did you know that the research tends not to agree? The procrastinator part of us is actually working really hard on just that- procrastinating. Are you curious why?

Trying to just stamp out procrastination like a bad habit doesn’t often lead to long term change.

Types of therapy that help us get to a place of curiosity about ourself can deeply improve our self-understanding/compassion leading to an increased ease in going down a different path in future. Come in and get curious with me. We all have different reasons why our procrastinator part is in overdrive. Learn the function it plays for you and let’s get you to a healthier pattern of working.

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