What’s Behind All My Worrying?

Natalie Hansen Counselling


Do you notice that you worry about things a lot? Do you tend to catastrophize things in your head?

It can be helpful to think of our Worrier as a part of us. The Worrier is working really hard these days. It’s working in overdrive. And it’s getting you into trouble and causing you stress.

What can we do about it in therapy?

What we’ll do- after learning intro skills on reducing stress and feeling better in general- is deeper work on getting to know this part of you. Getting to know how this Worrier part is actually trying to protect you. How it actually has your back, even though the way it’s going about it is creating problems.

The more we can get to know the Worrier, the more it’ll ease up.

After going through this deeper work process, the next time you notice you are being consumed by the…

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