What Can I Expect in Counselling?


When someone decides to come to counselling things are usually not working in their life. A pattern is repeatedly coming up and they are getting tired of it: people abandoning me, being angry a lot, sabotaging  myself in situations, not getting what I’m needing, having a lot of free floating anxiety, etc.

In our first session I’ll listen deeply. I’ll help focus us on what the problems have been and for how long and will get us to create specific goals. Then we’ll create a contract of service: What we are specifically working on, how many sessions may we expect for that, how long we’ll meet for, what specific strategies we’ll use, etc. A transparent focus of therapy goals and strategies is important so you know what you are working on and so we stay focussed on our targeted problem area and goal.

At the end of our first session I’ll teach theory and skills relevant to what your specific area is.

You can expect to feel heard and hopeful. You can expect to leave with a clear understanding of our path of treatment.

Once the first goals are met we may come back to our contract of service and adjust to include newer areas that have come up that you now want to focus on.

I welcome you to contact me to see how you can get started on improving areas of yourself that you are noticing are not working.

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