Upcoming Workshop

Spring Workshop: May 14, 2016 1-3:00pm

Parents & Stress:

Learn to Manage Stress so You can be the Parent you Want to Be


Do you find yourself using time-outs when chaos hits your household when really it’s you that needs to take some time to calm down? Do you know that yelling has been shown to produce some of the same effects on a child’s brain as child abuse?

Parents are under more stress than ever these days. Come learn some techniques to help you keep your stress level down during your child’s misbehavior and learn how to repair when you’ve made a mistake. Learn easy skills to keep your stress level in check throughout your day, whether you are at home, work or in the car. Prevent unnecessary blowups and frustration. You want to keep trying in this area to ensure you and your child develop a secure connection and to give your child the best chance to grow a healthy, flexible brain.

Join me to learn more about this important topic. You will not be expected to share about personal cases in the group. If you would like more in-depth support about your situation, feel free to contact me to learn one-on-one in counselling and be more of the parent you want to be.

Come alone or with your partner.

Cost: $40 per Couple.

Where: New Westminster Professional Bldg, 625 5th Ave, suite 607, New Westminster

To register: Email info@NatalieHansenCounselling.com or phone (604) 816-6532.