High Stress Tools Workshop

Spaces still available – Saturday January 16, 2016 10am-Noon


Are you in a high stress environment?

When we are under chronic stress or have experienced a high stress/traumatic event or vicarious trauma we may experience changes to our nervous system.

When that happens we end up responding to stressors from our animal fight/flight/freeze defensive part of our brain (our limbic system) more often than from our rational part (our cerebral cortex).

What this looks like is using unhelpful ways to cope. We may swing between feelings of anxiety and feelings of wanting to give up. We may feel stuck in our situation.

Little things that didn’t used to stress us now overwhelm us. We may find ourselves easily irritated and angry with our significant other, children, or coworkers. It can start creating problems in our relationships. Our spouse may be asking us to get some help for our behaviour.

Good news: You can restore your system to what it was and make it even more resilient than it was before.

Come learn quick and easy skills that you actually want to use. Tailor the skills to your needs.

Your body will thank you and so will the people around you. You can apply the skills to get better sleep, to leave work at work, and to be more present with the people who are important to you.

Join me in this engaging workshop. You will not be expected to share personal information and your privacy will be maintained.

Come alone or with a spouse or friend. This will be a relaxed and informal environment. There is space for a small number of participants so register early to avoid disappointment.


Saturday January 16, 2015 10am-Noon


625 5th Avenue, suite 607 New Westminster, BC

Investment in your Health and Relationships:

$35 per person or $45 per couple.

To Register:

Phone Natalie at (604) 816-6532, email her at info@NatalieHansenCounselling.com or book online here.

About the Presenter:

Natalie Hansen, MA, RCC is a Registered Clinical Counsellor, wife and mom to 2 young children. Natalie has over 10 years working in the trauma field. She has a private practice in New Westminster and has a special interest in helping individuals and couples get through hard times. Natalie’s workshops are passionate and full of real life examples. For more information visit NatalieHansenCounselling.com